Our Class + One Scholar = Big Impact

By Sarah Lenes

This campaign ended on June 06, 2015, but you can still make a gift to Wheaton College by clicking here!

Whether you received a scholarship to attend Wheaton or not, you know the impact they have on students.  More than 60% of Wheaton students receive financial aid from the college, which helps create the robust and dynamic student body we love.  Scholarships provide access to a liberal arts education that has the power to inspire a creative mind, cultivate intellectual curiosity, and build a truly diverse community.  Scholarships are an essential ingredient in the secret sauce that makes Wheaton special.

In honor of our 10th Reunion, we want to give back to Wheaton by supporting a financially deserving student with a scholarship next year.  If we can raise at least $3,000 by June 6th, we will create the first-ever Class of 2005 Wheaton Fund Scholarship -- making our class the youngest class at Wheaton to ever establish a named scholarship.  

We can do this, 2005!

We're using GiveCampus, a new fundraising tool, to actively engage our class in this effort.  100% of every gift we raise through GiveCampus will go towards our Class of 2005 Wheaton Fund Scholarship!  But, similar to other crowdfunding tools, we have to reach our goal of $3,000 by June 6th or none of the gifts will be processed.

Please help us do it by giving today to create the Class of 2005 Wheaton Fund Scholarship!

Looking forward to seeing you at Reunion on May 15-17!

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